Every piece of BIS A BIS is signet by KISS and without CONCEPT no exists.


bis a bis fonas.jpg


BIS A BIS is conceptual fashion brand from Lithuania (Europe), devised and designed by Agne Biskyte.

BIS A BIS name has veiled meaning of two or double. 

BIS A BIS creations revive old legend about the first beginning of human love witch are consist from dual pieces. The legend telling that the firs-born androgynous creature - “man” was made from male and female helves conjugated by backs and without possibility to see each other faces…To save from lonely, the Creator had to separate “man” unity in two divers pieces. For the first time, they are allowed to see each other face – to – face (bis -a- bis)...and this ritual everlasting every time, then human being meets true love…

BIS A BIS brand focuses of conjunction of diverse pieces witch create new shapes, design and esthetic view full of harmony and love.

BIS A BIS strive to create exclusive, original, simple and functional fashion.